Navigating a Bright Future with SAP Partner Talent Initiative

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology and business, staying competitive and relevant requires continuous professional development and acquiring new skills. For individuals seeking exciting opportunities in the SAP domain, the SAP Partner Talent Initiative presents a unique pathway to success. We recently had the privilege of speaking with Fatih Atalay, an SAP Consultant here at Birchman Group, who joined the company through this new initiative. In this blog post, we delve into Fatih’s journey, explore the advantages of the SAP Partner Talent Initiative, and understand how it fosters professional growth and integration within a globally recognised company like Birchman.

Discovering the SAP Partner Talent Initiative

Fatih’s journey to becoming an SAP Consultant at Birchman Group began when he moved from Germany to the United Kingdom. With experience in consulting within the automotive industry, he sought new opportunities and discovered the SAP Partner Talent Initiative. This program, designed by SAP, offers aspiring SAP professionals a structured path to gain a valuable SAP certification and connect with SAP partner companies.

The Path to Success

Through the SAP Partner Talent Initiative, joining Birchman unfolded seamlessly for Fatih. The process started with a straightforward application for training, followed by acceptance into the program.

During the training phase, candidates receive expert guidance and mentorship to prepare for the certification examination. Once certified, candidates gain access to a pool of companies that are part of the initiative, allowing them to showcase their credentials and apply for relevant positions.

For Fatih, who was among the program’s first participants, the experience involved visiting the SAP headquarters in London for an interview. This face-to-face interaction allowed him to share his professional background and aspirations, leading to a fortuitous meeting with Richard Taylor, Partner at the Birchman group and a key figure in his journey with the company.

Integration and Onboarding

Upon joining Birchman, Fatih found the onboarding process to be unique and accommodating. At Birchman we embrace a remote work culture, providing flexibility to our employees, and fostering a sense of global camaraderie. Equipped with all the necessary tools and resources, Fatih seamlessly integrated into the team, ready to embark on new challenges.

Professional Growth and SAP Partnership

One of the primary advantages of the SAP Partner Talent Initiative is the targeted focus on SAP technologies. This tailored approach enables participants to gain expertise in specific software and certifications, aligning their skillset with the demands of the industry. Fatih’s certification in Business Configurator & SAP Cloud perfectly exemplifies the initiative’s effectiveness in honing the skills of its participants.

Contributing to Success

Unlike traditional academic settings that rely heavily on theoretical knowledge, the initiative empowers participants to apply their acquired skills practically from the outset. Fatih’s expertise proved invaluable during the scope phase on a project involving a global renewable energy provider, and he continues to be an integral part of its success.

Advantages Over Traditional Hiring

“Whilst you’re not guaranteed a job, you are highly supported by SAP after you have gained your certification and are given the opportunity to connect with partner companies, so you stand a much better chance at getting an offer”.

The SAP Partner Talent Initiative offers several distinct advantages over traditional hiring processes. By being preselected and supported throughout the process, participants have a significantly higher chance of landing a position at one of the partner companies. It streamlines the recruitment process, fostering a smoother transition for both the candidates and the employers.

Recommendation and Encouragement

Fatih recommends the SAP Partner Talent Initiative to fellow professionals seeking exciting opportunities. SAP’s supportive nature enables individuals from diverse backgrounds to explore new paths and further their skillsets. Moreover, given SAP’s widespread usage, countless prospects await those who embark on this journey.


In conclusion, the SAP Partner Talent Initiative represents a gateway to success for aspiring SAP professionals. Fatih’s journey with Birchman serves as an inspiring example of how this initiative can transform careers and lead to exciting and fulfilling opportunities. Whether you are an experienced professional or someone seeking a new direction, the SAP Partner Talent Initiative is your ticket to embracing the future of technology with confidence and enthusiasm. Link to the SAP Partner Talent Initiative: