Mining Works, by Birchman

An SAP Qualified Partner-Packaged Solution (QPPS)

Stop Emergency Orders And Slash Costs

The Emergency Order Nightmare. You know the drill. A critical piece of equipment breaks down and production grinds to a halt. Time is money, so you rush to place an emergency order. The pressure often leads to bypassing your suppliers, therefore blowing your budget and negating negotiated discounts.

Sound familiar?

This can cripple your profitability and leave you feeling powerless. But what if there was a better way?

The New Gold Standard in Cloud ERP

Achieve new levels of speed, agility and efficiency in your mining operations with Birchman Group’s Mining Works. This affordable cloud ERP offers a real-time, unified view of your supply chain, finance, projects, and maintenance, providing critical KPI insights for better decisions. Cut maverick spending, speed up financial closes and reduce costly squirrel stock with the ‘gold standard’ ERP for midsize mining companies.

Go live in 24 weeks!

  • SAP-approved solution for mining industry best practices
  • Fast results: Up and running in 24 weeks
  • Low risk, fixed cost – focus on profitability

Trusted Partner: The Birchman Group

  • Over 20 years expertise in mining
  • Proven track record of 1,000+ successful SAP implementations (including ERP, HR, payroll, and more)
  • 15+ satisfied mining clients, including Barrick Gold


Boost efficiency, control costs and make better decisions with real-time insights into inventory, demand and supply chain.

Get the right parts where and when you need them

It’s a race against time to move dirt and extract precious metals from the ground. Every hour of downtime is a huge hit to your bottom line. Get full visibility of your supply chain and ensure the right parts are in the right places at the right times.

Stop maverick spending

Keep costs under control by improving contract compliance and eliminating maverick spending.

Cut costly squirrel stock

Get your inventory value to the optimal level. Mining Works helps you determine the sweet spot—enough stock to keep your plant running without tying up consuming excessive working capital.

Customer results and successes

Typically, Birchman Group’s mining customers achieve these results from our SAP cloud ERP implementations:
25% to 60% faster month-end closes
10-20% improvements in on-time delivery performance
5-10% reductions in inventory levels

“We need to be flexible and agile enough to grow our business. SAP S/4HANA is robust and future-proof technology, delivering real-time information that allows for effective cost management and provides valuable business insight”

Graham Shuttleworth
Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Barrick Gold

“Birchman has transformed the way we manage our supply chain. We now have the visibility and control we need to keep our operations running smoothly.”

Why Birchman?

Deep Mining Expertise:

With over 20 years in the industry, we understand your unique challenges.

Proven Success:

We’ve delivered 40+ successful mining implementations, from ERP to HR and more.

Trusted Partner:

15+ satisfied mining clients, including Barrick Gold, rely on our strategic guidance.

Long-Term Relationships:

We build partnerships, not just one-off projects.

Ready to explore how Birchman can help your mine thrive?

The Cost of Delay

Painpoint Impact of Delay Mining Works Solution
Legacy Systems & Manual Processes Reduced efficiency, missed opportunities for cost savings and growth Automates and streamlines processes, frees up talent for higher-value activities
Rising Gold & Platinum Prices Missed opportunity to capitalise on favourable market conditions Ideal time to invest in optimising operations for maximum profitability
Budget Concerns Traditional ERP implementations can be expensive Offers fast time-to-value with pre-configured, fixed-scope solutions, reducing upfront costs and providing ongoing ROI
Lack of Internal Resources Limited expertise can hinder successful implementation Proven approach and deep mining experience ensures successful implementation; provides resources and knowledge needed
Disruption from Change Traditional implementations can be disruptive Minimises disruption with a collaborative approach and fixed scope for rapid implementation

Stop emergency orders. Slash costs. Boost profitability.

Don’t let the true cost of delay hold you back.

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