Global SAP Support

How is our Global SAP Support model different from the competition?

Most worldwide support offerings are based on global or regional delivery centres of SAP expertise with large scale teams and mixed levels of experience and expertise.

This has the advantage of lowering the total cost but doesn’t always provide the best level of service, regular contact with the same consultants or high levels of interaction with the customer. Our global support model is fundamentally different.

Global SAP Support Services, powered by United VARs

The United VARs is comprised of 70+ independent SAP consultancies, covering 100+ countries. They can provide SAP services for their geographic location and act as a local support provider for the United VARs Global SAP Support Model.

This means that from the UK, we can provide a support model that utilises our flexible operating model with local support from multiple locations in nearly anywhere in the world.

This is a unique offering in the marketplace and brings the following features:

Local language SAP support in nearly any country or timezonetime zone, for any SAP skillset Follow-the sun cover available

Birchman flexible time based support model designed to meet you’re the needs of your business

Clearly defined SLAs and all deliverables under one agreement with Birchman

ITIL aligned centralised ITSM tool serving all regions in scope, with reporting and trends and optimisation per location

Handshake between local support teams to manage incidents and all ticket types​

Service managed centrally from the UK and with dedicated Service Delivery Managers in each location

Local support provides expert SAP consultants that speak the local language, are culturally aligned, understand the localisation requirements, who are in the same time zone, and are geographically close.

Whilst most global support is delivered in English, it adds a great deal of additional value if you can communicate with consultants in your local dialect, who also understands your local uniqueness.

Global SAP Support


How the Model Works

The independent SAP consultancies that form a part of the United VARs Global network can provide local support to any of the countries highlighted on the map. The size and scope can be tailored specifically to your needs along with countries, time zones, localisation expertise and local languages to provide support to meet your unique requirements.

No matter where support is delivered to, the services are all provided under one flexible support contract managed by Birchman in the United Kingdom with local in-country service delivery managers where needed.