SAP Support Assessment Service

Birchman can provide expert advice through our SAP Support Assessment Service. This performs a comprehensive review of your existing model and requirements. We can help identify where alternative models could greatly improve end-user satisfaction, service optimisation, operating costs and ensure future scalability as the needs of your business and SAP system evolve.

Our review includes evaluating your existing support service whether this be a combination of being delivered inhouse or via onshore, nearshore or offshore teams. We will take into consideration the current system in scope of support as well as your future plans for upgrades or other projects, any current challenges and business plans.

Birchman’s SAP Support Assessment follows a meticulous 3-stage process designed to understand your unique requirements and pave the way for enhanced support services:

  1. Requirements: Through workshops and in-depth conversations, we gain a comprehensive understanding of your current model, challenges, and future needs. We also explore your global support requirements and evaluate opportunities for in-house skills development.

  2. Review: Our experts review your requirements, analysing what would work best for your organisation. We may request further meetings and discussions to ensure a thorough understanding of your needs.

  3. Recommendations: You receive a comprehensive guide outlining our recommendations for ongoing support needs, sizing, model delivery approach, and indicative pricing. These insights will help you make informed decisions to drive your SAP system forward.

SAP Support Assessment

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