Elevate Your SAP Support Model: Introducing Birchman’s SAP Support Assessment Service

In the ever-evolving landscape of SAP support, Birchman emerges as a trailblazer with its recently launched SAP Support Assessment Service.

We sat down with Stuart Diamond, Support Sales Director at Birchman Group to discuss how this transformative offering has been meticulously designed to provide organisations with a comprehensive evaluation of their existing support models and requirements.

With a laser focus on enhancing end-user satisfaction, optimising service efficiency, and streamlining operating costs, Birchman’s service lays the foundation for future scalability, ensuring your business stays aligned with evolving needs.


The Three-Stage Journey to Elevated Support

Birchman’s SAP Support Assessment Service, as Stuart explains “can help identify where alternative models could greatly improve end-user satisfaction, service optimisation, and operating costs, and ensure future scalability as the needs of your business evolve”. This is done through a three-stage process.

Stage One: Understanding Your Landscape

In the initial phase, Birchman provides you with a concise questionnaire aimed at capturing some initial insights into your business and SAP utilisation.

This step sets the stage for a collaborative workshop, where Birchman aims to “understand your current challenges, complexities, future business, and SAP plans.”

This stage doesn’t just stop at understanding your immediate requirements; it extends to exploring global support needs, spanning different time zones, language preferences, and your aspirations for in-house skill development.

Stage Two: Crafting Tailored Solutions

In this stage, we perform an intensive review. Here, Stuart says “we might meet with you a second time, or we do it remotely and we talk about your requirements and understand what would work well and benefit your organisation”.

Through insightful conversations, your organisation’s unique needs are dissected, ensuring a crystal-clear understanding of what solutions would best serve your enterprise.

This phase might entail further discussions and questions to leave no stone unturned in crafting a support model that aligns perfectly with your objectives.

Stage Three: Empowering Your Path Forward

The final stage is where Birchman’s expertise shines even brighter. Armed with a deep understanding of your requirements, “we provide a very comprehensive written guide with recommendations for ongoing support needs”

This invaluable resource encompasses a spectrum of aspects, including model sizing, scalability strategies, optimal delivery approaches, and even indicative pricing options.

We can do this for any industry sector, including consumer packaged goods, energy, high-tech manufacturing, mining, pharmaceuticals, professional services, and retail; you can all benefit from Birchman’s tailor-made guidance.


In the realm of SAP support, Birchman’s SAP Support Assessment Service transcends the conventional. The transformative journey will elevate your support model, unlocking unparalleled end-user satisfaction, operational efficiency, and scalability.

With a robust three-stage process that delves deep into your organisation’s DNA, Birchman crafts solutions that empower your future trajectory.

Whether you’re navigating complex industry dynamics or charting new territories, Birchman’s SAP Support Assessment Service equips you with the strategic insights needed to thrive.

Step into a new era of support excellence with Birchman today.