Barrick – Document Management Systems Simplification

Discover how the Birchman Group helped Barrick consolidate document management systems to improve compliance while reducing costs.

The Challenge

With many legacy technologies in the document management space, resulting in:

  • Lack of standard process with regard to many types of documents
  • Compliance risk due to critical documents such as engineering and equipment being stored in many places
  • Sensitive documentation stored on paper
  • Lack of collaboration on documentation due to fragmented systems architecture
  • High systems maintenance costs across the organisation

The Solution and Our Approach

Birchman helped reduce the number of systems to centralise document management, reduce compliance risk, increase data integrity, and reduce manual processes by:

  • Systematically review data, creating a common taxonomy for documentation
  • Understand which business application would be appropriate per data type
  • Create a centralised operating model, with the initial regional deployment but with global scalability
  • Create the business case for new systems implementation
  • Collected business requirements
  • Conduct an RFP process and aid in the vendor selection process
  • Manage the implementation of the new system with a view of a business-owned systems approach


In partnership with Birchman, the document management implementation has reduced their data sources by half, significantly reducing complexity and cost.

Benefits that have been realised include;

  • 1 Million USD annual savings
  • Digitised version of sensitive data
  • Standardised, simplified, and scalable document management and processes
  • Reduced compliance risk
  • Improved data security and integrity,
  • Improved ways of working that allow flexibility in the organisation, while maintaining a structured framework.
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