Barrick Digital Transformation

Discover how Barrick worked with Birchman to embed a culture of business owned applications, ensuring value realisation of their digital transformation strategy

The Challenge

With many legacy technologies and little system ownership, Barrick had encountered the following issues:

  • A misalignment of business requirements and processes
  • Complex, bespoke, and disconnected solutions
  • Expensive implementation and sustainment costs
  • Lack of adoption; end users unengaged, solution not fit for purpose
  • Failed projects due to lack of business buy-in and value realisation

The Solution and Our Approach

Birchman delivered a target operating for business-owned applications that would allow them to operate a global framework to maintain simplification and standardisation, while still allowing them to be agile to local requirements.

  • Strong buy-in from executive sponsors with accountability for delivery of business applications
  • Identifying global business process leads as product owners with the right functional expertise that drove the digital roadmap and established global governance whilst prioritising requirements
  • Embedding skilled regional and local subject matter experts and super users enabling Barrick to act local


In partnership with Birchman, this approach for business-owned applications has seen Barrick successfully deliver over 25 go-lives globally in the last 2 years, spanning across multiple business functions.
Benefits that have been realised include;

  • A technology landscape delivering value based on business needs
  • Standardised, simplified, and scalable applications and processes
  • A more agile, responsive business, adaptable to change
  • Earlier adoption and stabilisation with a faster return on investment
  • Engaged end users and skilled resources to meet digital demands
  • A business working in partnership with IT
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Andrew Sinsbury