ERP and Implementation Partner Selection at Centamin

The Birchman Group used its mining expertise to guide Centamin in selecting the appropriate ERP, an implementation partners and help define a phased implementation approach that establishes future ways of working

The Challenge

Centamin is a small but growing mining company with many operating systems, resulting in inefficient ways of working. They had identified that they needed to centralise their ERP with the goal of:

  • Chose the right operating system for their business
  • Chose the right partner to implement the system that will deliver in both quality and value
  • Chose the appropriate roadmap for the business
  • Set the ERP with best practices for future operations
  • Review the IT strategy

The Solution and Our Approach

Utilising Birchman’s expertise in the mining sector, Birchman followed a methodical approach in selecting the correct ERP and implementation partner:

  • Understand business needs and how they differentiate from standard mining operations
  • Complete a detailed analysis with benefits of all options and playback to steer co
  • Conduct negotiations with ERP solutions partner on behalf of Centamin
  • Once an ERP solution was selected, utilised mining connections to identify a partner that was both a technical and cultural fit
  • Conduct RFP negotiations on behalf of Centamin to select an implementation partner


With the guidance of Birchman, Centamin was able to select the appropriate ERP and implementation partner. Based on lessons learned through other implementations, Centamin was able to implement the ERP in the most time and resource-efficient manner, while ensuring that mining best practices were respected. Furthermore, Centamin has a roadmap of enhancements that will help the business continue to become more operationally efficient.


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