S/4HANA Move

SAP S/4HANA Move by Birchman is an SAP Qualified Partner Packaged Solution (SAP QPPS).

Knowing SAP as we do, Birchman recognises that most often, it is the CFO / Finance Director who is the lead sponsor for an ERP solution.

They recognise the wider impact it can have on a company and how it can help organisations achieve their goals and strategies.

Our partner packaged solution, Move, has been created from inception with CFOs in mind. 

Benefits of our Qualified Partner Packaged Solution for a CFO includes:

Align Digital Transformation to Business Strategy

Birchman is a management and IT consulting firm with deep SAP expertise. This puts Birchman in a unique position to be able to help companies that run SAP, and align their digital transformation strategy to their business strategy.

Make Informed Decisions

The majority of CFOs we talk to feel SAP S/4HANA is being pushed as a solution without help to assess whether it is the right solution and if so the most appropriate method to achieve wider business goals and objectives.

Reduced risk and Increased Confidence

Our unique approach incorporates additional tools to analyse the intricacy of legacy IT debt and increase confidence regarding the value, options costs and business impact.

Reduce Bespoke Code Complexity & Cost

One of the core reasons that projects and upgrades take so long and cost more than they should is bespoke code. Our additional tools and resources help to reduce this and allow your company to be more agile.

Data Review & Analysis

All CFOs want actionable business insight from their ERP. But how can they expect it with poor data? We provide the additional tools and methodology to address poor data both before and during a project.

Why SAP S/4HANA Move Now?

Deliver Actionable Business Insight

The sooner you address data issues, improve business processes and take advantage of new functionality available in the latest solutions, the sooner higher quality actionable insight can be delivered.

S/4HANA comes with embedded analytics and useful dashboards which improve day-to-day operations.

Increase Agility

By enabling your company to become more agile you can deliver on business strategy. Many CFOs we talk to are concerned their organisation is not as agile as it needs to be. With competitors moving ahead, a lack of agility risks companies being left behind and missing opportunities

Embrace New Technologies

New technology means that transactional data doesn’t need to be exported to a data warehouse to be analysed and reported on. This reduces the cost and time taken to get actionable insight.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Legacy IT debt is expensive. Continuing to undertake legacy projects and make changes can increase the cost ownership.

Invest where it will pay off

With SAP ECC6 support and maintenance ending in 2027, the time to invest in a solution that will be fully supported and maintained is now.

Reap the benefits of new innovations

The latest SAP innovations are being implemented exclusively in SAP S/4HAA. Migrating to S/4HANA enables you to benefit from these innovations. The longer you ait to migrate, the the larger the change gap.

Realise best business value quicker through best practice

For most back-office processes the ‘wheel’ does not need to be reinvented. By adopting best practices, you can improve process efficiency, reduce the cost and time to implement and easily take advantage of new SAP innovation releases. 

Lower the cost of user adoption and training

The new Fiori front-end helps to reduce the cost of training and time taken for a user to be effective.

Utilise market resources

If too many companies wait until the ’11th hour’ there won’t be enough consulting resources in the market to help and ultimately costs will increase.

Why Birchman?

United VARs Member

Birchman can support the move to S/4HANA across multiple locations, with local and industry specific expertise.

More than just SAP

Birchman is also a management consultancy focusing on digital transformation

Value Engineering Expertise

Our proven approach allows us to directly engage and understand your business strategy, goals, priorities, pain points and opportunities.

Superior Analytics & Tools

Using our unique tools we can reduce complexity, ease the move and reduce costs.

Minimise Downtime

Our migration strategies offer near zero downtime by consolidating and emerging multiple ERPs into one S/4HANA solution.