SAP Invoice Management Conference – organic processes in times of crisis

On the 17th March, the Birchman Group held an event on the very relevant theme of SAP Invoice Management at the College of Economists of Catalonia in Barcelona

In companies, the process of ´Procurement to Payment´ means large administrative efforts of paperwork and control. Given the huge amount of paperwork of this SAP process and it´s functionality, Invoice Management tries to minimize administrative costs and improve upon security and efficiency with regards to accounting processes. The benefits of this functionality mean a return of investment in tangible aspects (economic) as well as intangible (control tracking).

Speakers Antonio Bueno and Martin Garibaldi discussed these topics in depth and highlighted the ways in which we might manage SAP invoices to our advantage. Josep M. Gallart also contributed to the discussion, adding valuable expertise. Thank you to all of these speakers for their time and useful advice!