How do Birchman and United VARs members deliver more effective Global SAP Support Services?

As part of our extensive services on offering, Birchman also delivers global functional and technical SAP support services. Providing a flexible model to suit your business needs. Whether it’s to augment your internal team or a full outsource – Birchman can help. Find out more in the video below:

Full Transcript of the Video:

We provide local support in a hundred countries with one contract, one model, and one ticketing tool.

What we see generally in the marketplace is that global SAP support services are provided through either one central or a number of regional support centres. This is efficient for the providers but sometimes, and quite often, it provides some sort of complexity for the customer.

United VARs is a membership of 70 plus SAP partners, covering a hundred countries. Birchman is the United VARs member for the United Kingdom.

The big advantage is that we have consultants in a hundred locations. So in the context of a global support model, we can utilise these teams to provide you with more localised support, whether or not that’s in terms of language, culture, deep localisation expertise or geographical location.

This is all provided under one contract, in English, with one ticketing tool. What we find is the key users, and quite often the general users, appreciate having somebody that they can work with in their local language, in their local time zone, in their local cultural alignment, etc, as providing an overall better global support service. 

This service is delivered against industry best practices, aligned to ITIL with all the things you’d expect in terms of service level agreements, service level reporting, service management, generally speaking, etc, and we’re able to do this all under one contract and one ticketing tool. 

We believe this is actually a completely unique offering in the marketplace, and therefore, if you find any of this interesting, please get in contact with us via our website.

Thank you.

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