How Can Organisations Drive the Right Outcomes from Their Digital Transformation Programme?

With ever changing processes, expansions, acquisitions, and new technologies, digital transformation has been an increasing priority for businesses over recent years in to achieve strategies, priorities, and goals. Then COVID hit, and everything changed, it accelerated the need for digital transformation and required businesses to become more agile.

In a recent interview, when asked how organisations can drive the right outcomes from their transformation programme, Richard Taylor, Partner at the Birchman Group addressed the threats businesses face and the challenges they need to overcome in order be successful in their digital transformation. You can hear Richard’s full response in the video below:

Full transcript of the video:

From an opportunity perspective, you’ve got things like new products and services, new business models, international expansion, acquisitions etc. And, from a threat perspective, you’ve got things like COVID, supply chain challenges, new competitors into the marketplace, regulations, and cyber security.

And so, with digital transformation, which we define as being business transformation enabled by technology, your overall objective is to put a business transformation framework in place that enables you to become more agile. What we see as being some of the challenges is that, quite often, because the word digital implies technology, organisations run digital transformation as a technology-orientated and led programme and not a business transformation programme.

So, our recommendation is that first of all, to be very clear on where you’re going as an organisation both in terms of business strategy but also, what are your priorities, what are your goals as an organisation and how does that translate into a future or target-operating model?

And again, we see organisations are quite clear in terms of where they are going, but not necessarily the operating model that they’re trying to get to. So, we recommend being very clear from that perspective.

The second recommendation is the business leaders owning digital transformation in their respective areas, enabling them to drive the improvements and also reap the rewards of it.

IT is still playing a supporting role, but the business is taking ownership of applications and the digital transformation elements.

But you may need an enterprise architect to put all these elements together to make sure they all hang together properly, but that’s a key principle from our perspective.

How can Birchman help with your Digital Transformation?

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