Birchman's FashionWorks delivers a complete business solution for the fashion industry

“Out Of the Box” Package solution for Fashion, Footwear & Apparel companies who wish to have the agility they need to react quickly to change and maximise their profitability on all the business processes.

Pre-configured with Fashion specific Best Practices, FashionWorks builds on and extends the SAP S/4HANA Fashion solution with flexible adaptations to resources.

Enhanced with Birchman’s preconfigured business scenarios and Industry Best Practices, which enables a successful, quick and easy implementation from only 20 weeks.

Proven successful in 30+ implementations in companies who operate in 100+ countries.

Why you should choose FashionWorks:

Customer benefits

A success story: Implementation of FashionWorks in Desigual

Desigual selected Birchman to implement the SAP Best Practices and the FashionWorks solution to review and redesign their corporate and operational processes.

The benefits of the use of our model included:

    • Company’s cross-process view
    • Unique data management
    • Readily available reports, improving the functionality
    • Support business growth: Desigual has grown from operating in 4 countries to 30.

Desigual continues promoting new ways of working within the FashionWorks & SAP Best Practices framework.