Birchman qualifies as a worldwide service provider

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Last January the International Standardization Organization (ISO) has granted certification in two different international standard versions to the Birchman Group

Specifically the ISO20.000:2011 and the ISO27.001: 2005, which regulate the provision and security over the information of the 24 x 7 Birchman Service Desk.

These rules come to confirm the quality that Birchman provides to its customers. Not only in provisioning efficient services, but also in preserving the end-to-end security. Birchman has a high internal exigency level to purvey a fast and efficient service to the needs of every customer. In addition, Birchman executed the certification process according to the international standards, ISO20.000:2011 with APMG and ISO27.000:2005 UKAS model, which qualify our firm as a worldwide service provider.

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