Birchman launches fixed price EHP deployment packages

Birchman is offering a fixed price package to implement SAP enhancement packs (EHPs)

Being on the correct EHP level is a vital step on the journey to HANA.

Important points about EHPs

  • EHPs allow companies to activate updates to specific parts of the SAP system that will generate business benefit
  • They can be implemented with a fraction of the effort, cost and downtime of traditional upgrades
  • Available as one complete cumulative enhancement per SAP system
  • Since the EHPs are cumulative customers only need to load one EHP per SAP system; ECC, CRM etc.
  • The process is only reversible by restoring from a back up​
  • Some SAP migration processes require the latest EHP level as a pre-requisite:
    • Suite on HANA
    • BW on HANA
    • Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) Database
    • Later versions of the Oracle Database

Birchman and the SAP EHP Roadmap

Implementing EHPs is an important process and needs to be managed effectively. Birchman, with its extensive experience in this area, has created an EHP Deployment Package. This strategy has worked well with our customers including a recent upgrade to EHP7 and we would like to be involved in your journey to the latest SAP solutions for your business.