SAP Predictive Analytics

By 22 September, 2014 Hot Topics

Birchman has worked with many clients over several many years to develop successful analytical roadmaps and achieve business transformation. Our clients want to become more data driven and use innovative solutions to gain real-time insight into their business. Their aim is to increase the ​​efficiency of business processes to ultimately improve organisational profitability and positioning in their industry.

Clients using SAP predictive analytics have effectively overcome crippling business challenges and obtained high ROIs and fast actionable insights in these business scenarios:

– Campaign management (customer segmentation, ​upsell and cross sell management, market basket analysis)
– Customer loyal and sentiment analysis
– Fraud detection
– Investment planning and financial forecasting
– HR management (employee hiring and retention)
– Customer churn reduction
– Supply chain optimisation
– Inventory and logistics planning​

The predictive analytics process, also known as advanced analytics, involves capturing structured or unstructured data from a variety of sources (Hadoop, data warehouse, spreadsheets etc) and using tools such as data mining, text mining and statistical analysis to predict possible future outcomes or events. The main objective when working with predictive analytical tools is that you can predict and act in real time and avoid possible failures critical to your business.

Birchman can assist you before implementing a predictive analytic approach to address your specific ​target outcome. Analytics can provide a lot of information, but some data can bring value and other data may just thwart the result by providing unnecessary information. Whether your data is big data or not, Birchman can conduct proof of concepts (PoCs) that demonstrate the power of predictive analytics and potential quick wins by:

– Developing prototypes to show the power of data visualisation and data discovery
– Highlighting the value of predictive analytics through greater insight to evaluate historic data and simulate different scenarios
– Producing executive decision support tools (such as dashboards) which have immediate impact on executives to enable them to make informed business critical decisions based on predictive analysis insight rather than gut feel or instinct​

Subsequent implementation of the PoC is designed to be scalable and boost adoption across the organisation as well as lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO). Birchman provides services to ​support clients to use the predictive analytical method to move their organisation from reactive to predictive management to achieve valuable impact. Predictive analytics also complements existing business intelligence (BI) reporting tools.

Manufacturing example:

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