Pepe Jeans – Global implementation and support

By 18 December, 2013 Case Studies

It is 1973, in the heart of Portobello Road Market, London. The euphoria in the air is palpable.

A crowd of raucous kids arrives by subway, bus or bike from all parts of London to converge on the city’s cutting-edge clothing market in a bid to lay their hands on an elusive pair of iconic jeans which are the talk of the town!

It was there in 1973 under the bridge in Notting Hill that Pepe Jeans London was born.

Today Pepe Jeans is one of the world’s leading iconic fashion brands. With a presence in 60 countries across all five continents and distributed through nearly 7000 outlets worldwide.

Massive success saw the company grow at an incredible rate and growth continues exponentially. To keep abreast of the highly competitive fashion market, Pepe Jeans needed to support their growing business with modern flexible business processes and systems.

To capitalise on their growing brand presence and to facilitate their worldwide expansion plans Pepe Jeans entered into a long term relationship with Birchman.

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