​​​​​​​​​Birchman's FashionWorks solution delivers ERP functionality and preconfigured best practices, precisely for fashion businesses.

Few industries have to be able to adapt to change quite as quickly as the fashion industry. Trends are created over night; consumer tastes are unpredictable; and every season demands a fresh product portfolio. Birchman's FashionWorks solution is an enterprise IT system that gives fashion companies the business agility they need to react quickly to change and maximise their profitability. FashionWorks was developed by Birchman during engagements with some of the leading global names in fashion, apparel and footwear. It is preconfigured for industry standard, best practice processes, which makes it quick and easy to implement.

​Trust Birchman to:

Understand your requirements and deliver an ERP solution that is based on best practices, but tailored for your unique business.
Deploy a comprehensive ERP fashion solution embracing your entire business including merchandise and assortment planning, production management and control, multi-channel sales and customer service.
Employ tools and templates to accelerate implementation tasks, including testing, training and data migration.
Set up management reporting and financial dashboards to improve business control.
Pass on our knowledge, gained from hundreds of successful SAP fashion projects.