S4 HANA Birchman

By 24 March, 2015 News & Events
S4 HANA Birchman

Whenever the speed of something changes dramatically it is often followed by the opportunity to grow or start new businesses:  tea clipper to steam ship; canals and barges to rail and steam trains and bricks and mortar retailing to the internet.  With the launch of S/4 HANA we have a business system that is designed and built to work with a database of zero or close to zero response time.

In Birchman we have seen the benefit the introduction of HANA can have on the current version of SAP.  Our FashionWorks Business All-in-One Solution has an allocation routine which helps Fashion companies perform the all-important task of putting the garments available in the right retail channel to maximise sales and price per unit.

Without HANA this is an overnight batch job with no option to amend; with HANA it can be run iteratively allowing staff to improve and tune the distribution plan.

When Bill McDermott and Hasso Plattner announced S/4 at the NY stock Exchange on 3rd February they fired in us with the excitement that we might be on the brink of new business opportunities born of simple, fast systems and real time analytics.

They also raised many questions in our minds as we thought through the consequences.  At Birchman we will continue to study these questions and share our thoughts with you on this website.  If you would like to discuss your thoughts please contact info@birchmangroup.com.​

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