Birchman recognises that it has a corporate responsibility to look after its employees, ​the environment and local communities, ​as well as operate ethically.

By working in conjunction with several universities, each with a strong reputation in corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy, Birchman has developed a four dimensional CSR framework that it applies to all its work.

business ethics one

Business Ethics

Firstly, we incorporate business ethics in our in-house management training and try to inspire our clients to uphold the same high standards in their businesses.

our people two

Our People

We aspire to treat people as assets to be nurtured, rather than costs that need to be managed and reduced. We invest heavily in training and work hard to ensure that each and every employee feels valued.

community three


We are actively involved in a number of community development initiatives. By either making cash donations or providing pro-bono assistance, we aim to support charitable organisations working with communities.

environment four


We have a very small impact on the environment and strive to keep it that way by imposing practices that minimise paper usage and compensate for our carbon emissions.