Simply put, Birchman will ensure that your SAP upgrade goes without a hitch.

There's plenty to be apprehensive about when planning an SAP upgrade. A project of this significance can lead to spiralling costs and extended periods of business disruption, if not managed effectively. But with Birchman you don't need to worry. We have handled hundreds of SAP upgrade projects around the world and have an impressive track record for delivering successful SAP upgrades both cost effectively and with minimum loss of service. Depending on your requirements, we can undertake complete SAP upgrade projects or provide selective support for your in-house IT team during this critical period of change.

Trust Birchman to:

Follow a tried and tested SAP upgrade methodology that minimises costs and service interruption.
Plan your SAP upgrade effectively, arranging any downtime for outside of normal business hours, to minimise disruption for your users and customers.
Separate technical and functional upgrades where possible to minimise risk and shield end users from unnecessary complexity.
Involve business teams in functional SAP upgrades to ensure that the benefits of the SAP upgrade are fully realised, in terms of operational efficiencies for example.
Work flexibly with your IT team, doing as much or as little as needed, to minimise your consultancy costs while improving the knowledge of your staff.