It's possible. You can analyse big data and run complex algorithms in seconds with an in-memory SAP HANA solution from Birchman.

Data management presents four substantial challenges: volume (too much data); speed (data needed instantly); variety (many different data sources); and truth (inconsistent data versions). The new technology that overcomes all four of these difficulties is SAP's HANA, which is based on in-memory technology. Birchman is one of SAP's preferred partners for HANA deployments and has substantial experience of this technology, having worked with SAP on HANA prototyping and initial training programmes. Birchman has an SAP HANA laboratory, where customers can undertake Proof of Concepts, and offers a range of SAP HANA solution accelerators that get customers up and running quickly.

Trust Birchman to:

Demonstrate precisely how SAP HANA can accelerate your applications at its HANA laboratory
Provide a fast, controlled SAP HANA implementation, using our proprietary Rapid Deployment Solution and solutions accelerators, such as the SAP HANA Financial Accounting Accelerator and SAP HANA Material Ledger Accelerator
Plan a realistic SAP HANA roadmap that aligns investments with business strategy and tangible outcomes.
Develop customised applications that exploit the potential of real-time information.
Migrate standard SAP Business Suite applications to the new in-memory SAP HANA platform with support from Birchman consultants specially trained for this purpose.