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Concur Health Check: Take your Concur implementation to the next level with Birchman

As a Concur Customer Success Partner, the Birchman Group will help your organisation understand where you could optimise travel and expense processes and procedures to support your people and improve efficiency.

Birchman offers the ‘Concur Health Check’ and reviews your organisations processes against best practice to provide actionable insight. This can then lead to an improvement in the efficiency and the effectiveness of your travel and expense processes.

When might a Concur Health Check be required?

It is likely that you know you need to improve some areas of your travel and expense processes and optimise the Concur solution. The common reasons are to better align the business to best practice procedures, global expansion required, regulatory / legal compliance improvements and mobile workforce challenges – the list goes on!

If you are ready to better understand potential solutions, how you compare to best practices or simply need to start to build a business case, then the Birchman Health Check will be a significant step forward.

"Having been left after implementation, we needed Birchman Group’s
expertise to help fully maximise our software to get the full use out of it"

What Birchman could do for you?

  • Review your travel and expense systems and processes. Typical focus areas include:
  • Integration, VAT reclaim,business intelligence, employee satisfaction, geographic expansion, on boarding and deployment, T&E policy review, policy compliance
  • Identify performance improvement opportunities
  • Develop practical recommendations for improvements
  • Quantify the benefits of improvement opportunities
  • Start to build a business case for improvements
  • Subsequently project manage the agreed improvements

The Health Check process:

  1. Both parties sign an NDA
  2. Introductory meeting with Birchman
  3. On-site meetings to analyse key areas relating to travel and expense processes within your business
  4. Birchman complete the analysis and create presentation with actionable insight
  5. Meeting scheduled to present and discuss the findings

As a Concur Customer Success Partner, the Birchman Group is uniquely positioned to support Concur customers.