Collaboration and content practice in Birchman is leader in building productivity and digital marketing solutions bases on Microsoft SharePoint.​

Birchman is Microsoft Gold Certified on Collaboration and Content. Birchman is also Gold in Application Development and Business Intelligence. These are the three pillars for Birchman solutions on the productivity, collaboration and content world.​

Birchman delivers solutions for its customers on the areas below:

  • Digital Marketing web portals
  • E-Commerce portals
  • Intranets and Social Intranets
  • Social Corporate Networks
  • Extranets and horizontal portals
  • Document management solutions
  • E-Froms and productivity solutions
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Birchman understands that the world of collaboration and content has to meet its most important business needs.

  • Monetization: Birchman helps you on Advertising, e-Commerce, SEO and SEM strategies.
  • Mobile: responsive web design, adapting your web to all devices.
  • Cloud: go cloud and convert infrastructure investments on managed services.
  • Productivity: Birchman builds productivity solutions like Business Process Management, Document Management, Workflows, BI integrated with your office and unified communications suites.
  •  Social: Birchman enables you to build a social strategy on the web, extranet or intranet.