SAP Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions with OpenText

By 5 December, 2014 Hot Topics

Birchman believe that OpenText’s Enterprise Information Management solutions provide companies using SAP with a platform to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their businesses whilst improving increasingly important aspects of governance and security.

The image above shows the solutions that are fully integrated with SAP. The highlights are:

Vendor Invoice Management allows vendor invoices to be captured, linked with the appropriate vendor account in the SAP purchase ledger and be worked flowed to the appropriate staff for approval.  An OCR addition allows the process of lining to the SAP record to be automated.

Archive Server enables storage, management and retrieval of archived data and documents. SAP users can access all data and documents they need to process a business transaction in the SAP business suite.

Content Server is a secure, centrally managed content store, giving control over documents and business content across the enterprise.  It allows for connection to the SAP Knowledge Provider which is used for SAP PLM and SAP DMS.

Digital Asset Management provides a single point of management for all digital media files and their underlying metadata information for companies with large amounts of content.  This is regardless of the medium and the ultimate product produced whether traditional print, broadcast television, Web, slide presentations, or handheld device.

Document Presentment allows the creation, review and management of business rules to embedded targeted messages into customer and supplier SAP documents.  This means companies can communicate with customer and suppliers more quickly and consistently and at lower cost.

Employee File Management provides the digital personnel file which can be accessed anytime, anywhere direct from the SAP system.  It also secures the archiving of staff documents in line with legal requirements whilst increasing effectiveness and efficiency​​

Birchman is both an SAP and OpenText reseller, implementation partner and support partner.​

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